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Five Signs You Need Sewing Machine Repairs

If you've ever owned a sewing machine, then you know how important it is to get regular maintenance and repairs. The last thing you want is to be halfway through a project and have your machine break down on you. Even though most sewing machines are easy to use, they still need sewing machine maintenance and repairs from time to time. Here are five signs that indicate that it's time for sewing machine repairs.

1. You Need Sewing Machine Repairs If Your Needle Keeps Breaking

If your needle keeps breaking, it could be because there is something in the bobbin case blocking it from moving freely. You may also have a bent needle if this happens often. To fix this problem, simply remove the broken needle and replace it with a new one. If this doesn't solve the problem, take your machine to an expert who can determine if there is anything wrong with the bobbin case or feed dog.

2. You Need Sewing Machine Repairs If Your Bobbin Keeps Falling Out Of Place

If your bobbin keeps falling out of place or you're having trouble getting it back into place properly, then your tension might be off on your machine. First, check to see if any thread has wrapped around your bobbin spindle or broken off inside the bobbin case itself (this will cause problems when trying to wind bobbins). If so, remove the thread and try winding another bobbin again until you don't see any more problems. If the problem persists, take your machine sewing machine repairs.

3. You Need Sewing Machine Repairs If You're Getting Uneven Stitching 

This can happen if there are issues with the tension settings on your machine or if there is something wrong with one of its moving parts like its bobbin winder or takeup lever. It's important to get these problems fixed right away because they could affect how well you sew in the future.

4. You Need Sewing Machine Repairs If The Thread Gets Tangled During Sewing

If the thread gets tangled while you're sewing, this could be an indication that the bobbin case is damaged or broken. When this happens, the thread can get caught on itself and create knots, which can prevent your machine from working properly. In some cases, this could cause your machine to break down entirely and stop working altogether. If this happens often, it's time for sewing machine repairs.

5. You Need Sewing Machine Repairs If Your Presser Foot Is Not Working

A broken presser foot is a sign that your sewing machine needs repairs. The part is made of plastic or metal, and when it breaks, it can cause the needle to be pushed down into the fabric instead of up and out. A broken presser foot can also cause your stitches to come out unevenly, making it difficult to sew anything on your machine. If you notice that the needle is not moving up when the pedal is pressed, then you need to get your machine repaired as soon as possible.

If you notice the above signs, chat with an expert about sewing machine repairs, such as Phaff sewing machine repairs and Bernina sewing machine repairs today. For more information on sewing machine repairs, contact a professional near you.