Mandy's Appliance Maintenance Advice

Important Espresso Maintenance Activities for Professionals

You can decrease the intervals at which your espresso machine breaks down and needs repairs by having it tuned up by a professional on a regular basis. This article discusses some of the vital things that an expert will do to keep your machine working properly for longer.

Component Lubrication

Any machine which has moving parts will inevitably break down if it is used too often without sufficient lubrication. A professional tune-up entails lubricating each of the moving components in the machine with a special, food-safe, lubricant. This lubrication will prevent premature component wear, and you will likely need fewer repairs.

Grinder Calibration

The grinder in your espresso machine does a lot of work as it processes the coffee beans which you use to make each espresso cup. That heavy work can alter the specifications at which that grinder was designed to function. Routine recalibration is necessary to keep this part working well so that additional problems are avoided when the grinder isn't working as it should. This should keep you from needing to have the machine repaired because a defective grinder puts too much strain on the motor and causes it to fail.

Gasket and O-Ring Replacement

Gaskets and O-rings play an important role in ensuring that moisture doesn't get where it shouldn't. These components also ensure that pressure doesn't escape from the machine unnecessarily. During a tune-up pays these components are evaluated and replaced so that your machine is protected from premature failure. For example, defective O-rings can cause the lubrication to be washed out. The moving components will then rub against each other at a high rate causing metal fatigue. You will have to buy replacement parts more often.

Professional Descaling

It may not be easy for you to clean the brewer and other components as thoroughly as a professional. Consequently, the accumulation of scale can cause your machine to wear out quickly. Technicians start by soaking the brew unit and other components in special cleaning agents which make it easier to descale those components. Your machine will them brew tastier espressos, and there will be fewer defects in the components.

As you can see, having your espresso machine tuned up by a professional from time to time can have a beneficial effect in reducing how often parts fail and require repairs. Read the manual of your specific model and find out the tune up intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Adhere to that recommendation and reach out to a professional who offer la marzocco repairs or something similar when you do have breakdowns.