What to Do If Your Freezer Fails Just Before the Holiday

You and your family may be looking forward to a major upcoming holiday event. As part of the celebrations, you may be inviting family and friends over for a sumptuous meal and are getting ready to go to the supermarket to stock up with all those perishables. However, you are facing a potential disaster as it looks as if your fridge freezer is "on the blink." What can you do to rectify the situation as the clock is ticking away? [Read More]

Important Espresso Maintenance Activities for Professionals

You can decrease the intervals at which your espresso machine breaks down and needs repairs by having it tuned up by a professional on a regular basis. This article discusses some of the vital things that an expert will do to keep your machine working properly for longer. Component Lubrication Any machine which has moving parts will inevitably break down if it is used too often without sufficient lubrication. A professional tune-up entails lubricating each of the moving components in the machine with a special, food-safe, lubricant. [Read More]

Cold Room Accessories That Will Reduce Your Operation Costs

Hiring a cold room has its expenses; therefore, as a business owner, you need to minimise the costs involved in its operation as much as possible. For instance, while cold room hire firms can provide cold room accessories, you might have to pay extra for them. However, searching for cold room accessories from individual vendors allows you to negotiate prices and get the best deal possible. Since lowering operational costs is your primary objective, this article highlights readily available accessories that will improve the energy efficiency of leased cold rooms. [Read More]

Simple Solutions to Common Problems With a Sewing Machine

If you love to sew, you will need to know how to maintain your sewing machine properly, so that it doesn't ruin fabric or consistently break needles and shred your sewing thread. The good news is that many common problems with sewing machines have very simple solutions, meaning you can fix these problems on your own, quickly and easily. Note a few of these common problems and their potential solutions here, and then discuss any repairs that your machine needs with a repair specialist. [Read More]