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How to Get the Most Out Of Your New Wood Heater

If you're concerned about the environment, then you will want to make sure that you use as little energy as possible. One way to do this is to choose ecologically friendly heating and cooling options for the home. If so, you may also like the traditional look and feel of a log fire. Make the most of all worlds by choosing a wood heater

This type of feature is sure to be a talking point for all your visitors, create a brilliant ambience in your living room and provide an ample amount of heat to warm up even the coldest winter day. However, if you have never worked with one of these heaters before, you will need to treat it carefully and make sure that you look after it to get the best value. What do you need to consider?


A wood-burning heater will work very efficiently so long as you choose the best raw material that you can find. Typically, this will involve hardwood, but you will want to get this resource from a good provider. It needs to be relatively dry, as otherwise, it will not burn at the right temperature. You could also produce too much soot, which could clog the stove. Always ask your supplier about the level of moisture content so that you're happy with your purchase.


When you take the wood, ensure that you keep it in a protected location and as dry as possible. Don't store it directly on the ground, as it could soak up moisture from the soil in this way, and don't cover it completely either. Ideally, you should have a rack of some kind so that the wood is stored off the ground and the air is allowed to circulate. You will also want to ensure that it is not open to the rain.


A wood heater will work much more efficiently if you load the material carefully before you set it alight. If you leave gaps in between each piece of timber, then it'll burn properly and come up to temperature as quickly as possible.

Burn Control

Finally, remember to adjust the burn rate gradually, and never allow the timber to burn on high heat for long periods of time. With practice, you will learn to get this just right. As you do so, you will help to protect the internal parts of your wood heater so that they last much longer.

Extra Information

Ask your supplier to give you some additional tips to help you enjoy this new heater and get full value for your investment.